Tuesday, July 29, 2014


eBay -

I made the announcement on my personal Facebook page yesterday that I am starting an eBay store. The clothes I am listing will be taken to Plato's Closet in a few weeks if they don't sell via eBay. After the initial listing of clothes, there will be a bunch of other things on there as well. I don't have emotional attachment to many things so I have always had this dream of selling everything in my house that wasn't bolted down and starting over. Here are some sneak peeks -

Spin - 

I have been obsessed with Spin for over a year now. There is really nothing like it as far as a cardio session goes. Last week, my gym was closed for vacation so I had the opportunity of taking cycling classes at a few different places and got to use different bikes than I am used to using. At The Edge, we are a Spinning certified gym and therefore use the Spin brand bikes. At LA Fitness (I used a free three day guest pass to take three cycling classes there) they use Kaiser bikes and I have to say I do not like them as much as the Spin brand bikes. This is going to sound totally foreign to anyone that doesn't spin but the Kaiser bikes don't "catch the gear" like other bikes do...when you turn up the resistance it just gets heavier. It's a little too smooth for my liking, I like to actually feel the "ground" below me. The other place I took a cycling class was in Portland at a place called Reve Cycling Studio and they use Schwinn bikes which are pretty similar to the Spin "brand" bikes. You could catch the gear and feel the ground below you. This is an awesome studio with infectious energy and I recommend anyone visiting/living in the Portland area to take a class there. 

Celebration, FL - 

For those of you that have hung out around this blog, you already know about my obsession with the formerly Disney owned town of Celebration, FL. I am currently reading a book written by a women (Barbara Nefer) who moved there on a whim with her husband. They were on a Disney Vacation and happened to go on some tours of some Celebration homes and decided to immediately pull the trigger and purchase one. She started a blog based on her adventures in Celebration and the book I am reading is a compilation of her blog posts. Everything that I have ever imagined about living in Celebration is true...the sense of community, the fact that you can walk everywhere and the best part, being able to head to Epcot for dinner on any day of the week. Le sigh...one of these days I will convince The Mister to move! The book is called Mickey Mouse is My Neighbor: Living Next Door to Disney World for anyone wondering what it's like to live a stones throw away from the Happiest Place on Earth.