Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wedding Recap {Formal Photos}

If there was two things I was sure about with this wedding it was A. Who I was marrying :) and B. That I knew I wanted most of our pictures to be taken right in the hub of Providence. Something about everyone in black tie with a city background spoke to me. Not to mention that I grew up in RI so the Providence backdrop was the perfect personal touch. We also took some formals at our reception venue which was the Roger Williams Park Casino...another very "RI" location. Wedding tip #5 - You can never go wrong with personal touches at your wedding. After all, this wedding is about you and your partner so by the time everyone leaves at the end of the night (good and drunk) they should know a little bit more about the happy couple.

We had to stop traffic to get these worth it!


Photo props before Pinterest was invented and then they got played out. :)

This is my very favorite photo of the bunch. Again, those parasols were EVERYTHING.


The softness of the feather bouquets, the chiffon dresses and the sparkly shoes made this photo amazing.

And of course, all the groomsmen had socks to show off as well!