Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Fun

Due to the weather, the C family had a super low key 4th of July. I did my usual table set up and my parents came over for a fish dinner. The Mister cooked and although I got pictures of all the tables set up before we ate, I was too busy eating to get pictures of anything while the food was plated. Alas, I still got some pretty good shots!

With the exception of the platters/vase/flowers I got everything at Tarjay. 

Star shaped rice crispie treats

Since I have a new found obsession with Cookie Butter, I thought I would try a cake creation made with boxed chocolate cake and Cookie Butter as the frosting. I can honestly say it was not as good as I was expecting it to be. I am happy I tried this creation though because I was planning on making Cy's birthday cake like this...since it didn't come out as planned, I will be placing a cake order for his b-day!

Red, white and blue buffet :)

Just an added note - This whole week coming up I will finally be chronicling our wedding. I will be spreading it out along the whole week so be prepared for an influx of wedding madness with a few tips and tricks added in that we learned along the way. I can not wait to finally be able to give our wedding the blogging it deserves (almost 3 years later)!