Monday, July 7, 2014

Wedding Recap {Getting Glam/Send Off}

I was adamant about all of the ladies in my wedding party getting glam together. I am one of those girls that looks forward to getting ready with my girlfriends more so than the actual event. I also insisted that everyone match so that our pictures would, of course, be even more perfect. Wedding tip number one - Plan your wedding based around your pictures...Your photographer is simply there to snap the pic...YOU are the one that needs to think of the clever concepts.

The robes were my gift to them. They even had their first initial monogrammed on them! And my requirement for shoes were silver (the ladies wore grey chiffon) and as sparkly as you can get.

After the glam squad finished, I insisted we take pictures in front of our wedding trolley. We got ready at my Grandmother's house. She has a huge black top drive way and I had this vision of the trolley parking parallel to said drive way and all of us taking pictures in front of it with parasols. I can say with confidence that those parasols were the best purchase of the whole wedding. Wedding tip number two - If you need to purchase a prop for everyone in the bridal party, try wholesale websites. I got these parasols for $2.99 a piece!


Stay tuned for more wedding recaps this whole week!