Friday, July 18, 2014

Musings {Reality TV Edition}

Game of Crowns - 

Game of Crowns is a new show on Bravo (duh) chronicling pageant queens of the "Mrs." variety. Now, I have to admit...I was not interested in watching this show at all. When I saw the teaser for this I immediately dismissed it simply due to the fact that I have way too many bitchy Bravo women inhabiting my reality show repertoire to add whole 'nother cast. BUT then I found out at it was based solely in Rhode Island/CT so I once again drank the Bravo Kool Aid and watched! I also had a slight blip on the radar while I was watching the first episode and thought I should participate in Mrs. pageants myself. No worries though, as I continued watching and witnessing how badly these "beauty queens" behave, I passed on that thought real quick. This show is exactly what you would expect out of a Bravo show about (kind of old) beauty queens. Lots of high pitched yelling, lots of weaves mixed in with a whole 'lotta Rhode Island/New England accents. Watch with caution though, I have now added it to my DVR list of automatic recordings...Bravo wins again.

Candidly Nicole - 

Simple Life Nicole is still a favorite of mine.

Candidly Nicole is a new (possibly roughly scripted?) show on VH1 following around Nicole Richie in her every day life as she has wine with her (seemingly normal and not "Hollywood") mom friends and hangs out with her famous family (Lionel Richie was in last night's episode!) Now, this show is definitely interesting because Nicole is a total headcase...A sane one that's been through rehab, but definitely one none the less. She is ridiculously funny because she is so blunt and forthcoming and a little weird in her delivery that you can't help but laugh at/with her. Except you are more laughing at her because everything that comes out of her mouth comes out with a straight face so you never know if she is kidding or serious. Most of the time I think it's the latter. This is a good one to give a chance..She is hilariously funny and some of her friends that make appearances on the show almost seem some what...normal?

LeAnn and Eddie -

LeAnn and Eddie is also a new show on VH1 starring LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. I can honestly say I only watched this show to see the train wreck that IS LeAnn Rimes and what her and Eddie are like as a couple. I'm not sure I'll follow this all the way through the season, but it was definitely interesting to see these two on reality cameras. I will admit this...there are some celebrities that I usually like more after watching their reality show and seeing how down to earth they are...this was not the case with L&E...they seem kind of stuck up and fake. LeAnne also comes off as very insecure to me...I guess I can't really blame her seeing as how tabloids have massacred her over the past few years. Sometimes I understand that celebs do these reality shows to get "their side of the story" out there but I am telling you right now, this show doesn't do any favors for LeAnne and Eddie.