Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Favorites

Since it's still (somewhat) the beginning of August, I thought I would do a July favorites wrap up -

Sunnies -

I got two new pairs of sunnies in the month of July that I am absolutely obsessed with. They were (of course) a Forever 21 purchase...

#CatEye (#RBF)


Products - 

I had been a Jergens Natural Glow fan for a very long time...until I realized it had parabens in it. (#Yuck!) After that realization, I was on the hunt for a new self tanning lotion. I am more of a gradual self tanner type of person as opposed to a straight (orange) self tanner. With all of that being said, I found this lovely product...the smell is great, it does not make you orange, it is absolutely a gradual tan and there is no yucky ingredients in it! #Win

The other product I am obsessed with this month is a body spray from Bath and Body Works...every so often (and especially in the summer) I will use a body spray instead of a full blown perfume. This smells amazing and is very light...perfect for the warmer months!

Favorite #OOTD - 

My favorite #OOTD/N of the month is my dress from Rent the Runway...

The mint shoes...the dress..... #ToDieFor

Favorite blog post -

My favorite blog posts this month were my wedding was so nice to reminisce and go through all of our pictures...

Least favorite blog post -

I hated this blog post probably about a week after I wrote it. I feel like I ranted way too much. Alas, you live and learn and I am sure this won't be my last "least favorite post."