Sunday, August 17, 2014


Celebrating my sweet boy's 2nd birthday yesterday was bittersweet. Although I love to watch him grow older, it still feels like yesterday that we just took him home from the hospital.

For Cy's second birthday, we celebrated at the imPOSSIBLE Dream Playground in Warwick, RI. This particular playground is amazing because A. it is huge and B. it was created for every type of developmental age and physicality. And, most of the playground is wheelchair accessible. So it was nice to know that our payment to have the party there was going towards a place geared towards every type of child.

Because we had the party somewhere other than at home I didn't go crazy with the decor this year. I also scrapped the photo booth idea as we simply don't have a place to store it after we were done with it. (It's on the back burner for future parties though). And although I didn't go crazy with decor, the party still had some of my signature special touches.

I always like to include a invitation on the buffet table and my mini chalk board celebrating the Birthday Boy.

The blue polka dot napkins were my inspiration in running with the blue theme. All food and the cake came from my family bakery - Buono's Bakery located in Providence, RI.

One of Cy's favorite activities is stacking so I decided to make a table full of wooden blocks, favors, silly glasses and bubbles for some indoor fun!

I also used all of Cy's wooden toys on the tables as you can see, they were pretty popular among the younger set!

All in all it was a wonderful party with wonderful memories. I can't believe my little boy is already two. Happy Birthday, Cy!