Tuesday, June 10, 2014

11 Etsy Finds for the Fashion Obsessed

One of the blogs I frequent, Back East Blonde, did a blog post today that was titled "13 Etsy Finds For the Dr Who Lover." Although I am not a Dr. Who Lover, I still relate to this post because I LOVE ETSY. It is always the first place I look for anything creative that I need. I love the idea of supporting the local artist. After reading her post, I was inspired to do my own Etsy list and since we love us some fashion around these parts, here are 11 Etsy finds for the fashion girl! (Or guy, if that's what you're in to!)

4. A personalized fashion sketch - You send the artist a picture of you in your favorite outfit for the artist to sketch (this would be a perfect birthday gift for that special someone. Ahem, I know you're reading this, Mister)

6. Masqurade mask - For a fashion forward Halloween/themed party.
7. Porcelain ring - Fun Fact - I had a ring similar to this as my "something blue" in my wedding.
8. Minnie Mouse phone cases - Of course I had to add something Disney!

9. Black cat earrings - An ode to the magical black cat in your life!
11. A fun fashion digital download - I think I need this for my craft room!

What are some of your favorite Etsy finds?