Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bar Blooms

When we registered at Crate and Barrel I was obsessed with bud vases and needed them for the centerpieces on our wedding tables. Fast forward to almost 3 (!) years later, and I have all these lovely bud vases to use in my vignettes. That's the beauty of having centerpieces that wedding guests don't take home!

I have been wanting to spruce up our bar for a while. I was thinking that the way to do that was to add hanging lights to the top shelf, but have since decided against that idea. Instead, I want to add more storage to our very storage-less apartment. To do that, The Mister and I have been looking for a buffet to upcycle to replace the bottom part of the bar with more storage for all of our entertaining ware (and to keep a certain 1.5 year old I know from getting at things). While we are searching, our bar will just have to be a place for some blooms!

The bottom shelf of our bar has pretty much been empty since Cy has been mobile and interested in his surroundings. We are hoping by getting the buffet it will not only offer more storage but also make the space not look so bare. 

With my left over supermarket blooms, I decided to make some mini bouquets for our bookshelves. It must be so fun to be a florist...always being able to be around and create gorgeous things.