Sunday, June 8, 2014


Hello my lovelies! You will have to excuse the slight blogging hiatus. Things have been crazy around here!

Tori Spelling - 
I'm not sure if anyone is keeping up with the whole Tori Spelling/Dean McDermott saga..but if you aren't I will catch you up - These people are crazy! I have been a Tori Spelling fan for years, ever since her and Dean's first reality show, Tori and Dean: Inn Love which chronicled them opening up a bed and breakfast. They are a very likeable couple and I really enjoy and relate to her creativity. I also love all of her books. So, when I found out that they would be filming their life during the worse time of their realtionship, I was defintely interested. However, after watching a few of the episodes (True Tori on Lifetime) I realized that Tori wanted to film this simply to get back at's pretty hard to watch and it's sad that their kids are involved in fliming too. I stopped watching after the first few episodes and then caught up with the "final sit down" and then stopped watching THAT after Dean showed off that he got a rib cage tattoo of their wedding vows. This whole show was clearly only filmed for Tori's gain and the whole thing feels kind of icky to me.  

Drag Queen Jess vs. Mom Jess - 

The other day, one of my Facebook friends posted the popular article that has been floating around the Internets that shows the power of make up and contouring. After seeing the pictures I realized that I could have been on this list!! I do ugly so well (esp pre-braces) My during the week attire/gym wear/hair situation is so opposite from my going out/social media alter ego attire. I have always had this side to me. I've always saved getting dressed up and made up for special's why I always refer to myself as a drag queen, I only get ready when I get paid to do so (aka drinks, dinner and maybe some dancing). Not to mention I have really sensitive skin and if I wear make up every day my face would be forever broken out. I will say this though...the difference in which you get treated when you are playing mom for the day vs. hot mom for the day are staggering. It opens your eyes to how vein the world really is. (Disclaimer, I do not think anyone in this world is "ugly" without make up, including myself...I just think the transformations that make up can make to your face is remarkable and should be celebrated.)

Still giving good brow.