Monday, June 9, 2014

4th of July Fun

As I mentioned in a previous post, our entertainment center changes with the seasons/holidays. Since summer is in full swing and we are almost half way through June, I decided it was high time to unearth all of our 4th of July decor. A lot of it is from my buffet table from last year...

The crown (Hobby Lobby) has made a reappearance for the summer. The I <3 USA sign was purchased at Michael's on sale at the end of the 4th of July season last year. I found the printable online and got the frame at Christmas Tree Shops, I found the flags at Wal Mart along with the vase on the end, and the two floral accents up top were crafted by me with dollar store finds. Both the black stand and silver vase with pearls were found at Hobby Lobby as well. 

I also like to head to the Target dollar bin around Memorial Day and pick up some 4th of July themed paper goods. Tarjay never fails to impress me with their holiday merch!

(Cupcake ware purchased at Christmas Tree Shops last year)

Having all of this stuff inspires me to do another 4th of July buffet table this year. We'll see what I can conjure up! 

Happy Summer!