Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday Wishes {Forever 21}

Forever 21 is killing me with some of their new merch. They are hot on the romper/jumpsuit/bodysuit train for the summer (as am I) and I could not be loving it more.

Here's a few Wednesday Wishes -

This right here, was made for me. I love me a long sleeve with short shorts and a high collar. 

I love this one because it would look adorable with a blazer in the winter. I usually don't show THAT much skin (anymore) unless it's appropriate for the occasion. My rule of thumb...only show two major body parts at one time - Major body parts being - Legs, arms, cleavage or mid-drift. Unless it's Halloween, then all modesty rules are out the window (#SorryNotSorry)

I love this bodysuit and feel as though it's an investment piece. Which I can't believe I am saying about a $13.80 bodysuit, but it really is. I think could be ultra chic in the right outfits. 

And of course, my wishes would not be complete without some shoe wishes - 

I have been looking for some gold summer sandals...

Gladiators have been in for the last few years and they are really starting to grow on me as I have been wearing flats more often. #MommyProblems

Love a good summer wedge...

As you can see, I am rather color-phobic in many of my fashion choices. Not even summer weather will get me out of black. Although I did buy this amazing pair of shoes the other day that are mint and I can't wait to pair them with something colorful.

 (These are from not F21)

Happy Shopping!