Monday, June 23, 2014

5 Tips to Throwing the Perfect Summer Bash

With Cy's second (!) birthday well on it's way, I have been wearing my party planning hat lately to make sure all the details are taken care of for the big day. While we are not having it at our house this year, I still want to make sure that the location we are having it at is in tip top party shape. The Mister, Cy and I went to scope out the party room this past weekend and it looks like it will be fine to work my magic on...minus the (sort of dreadful) snow flakes hanging from the ceiling that I am told can not be taken down...alas, my creative mind will just have to work around the snow flake dilemma. 

With all of my party plans happening in the next few months, I thought I would post 5 tips to throwing the perfect summer bash -

1. Invites must go out a full month (if not 6 weeks ahead of time) - I don't know about all of you, but The Mister and my social calendar explodes in the summer. We are usually doing something every weekend (if not every other weekend) from Memorial Day - Labor Day. So, with all of that being said, give people enough time to plan...especially in the summer months!

2. Always include something for your guests to sign - This is a weird one and typically only applies to milestone parties (birthday, graduations etc) but I think it's a good rule to follow. When we had our memorial day party, I had my mom sew up some white table cloths, put some washable markers as the centerpieces and viola! A guest book! At Cy's first birthday party I had all of the guests sign a Dr. Seuss book. You'll never regret being able to pull these types of things out in 20 years to read!

3. If you are throwing a kid centered party, have favors for the adults too - After all, the adults are the ones that do most of the "party work." Getting the kids to the party, buying the present etc. They should be rewarded for that! Even if it is just a little something, the best party planners always think of every detail!

4. When you have a theme, run with it. - I mentioned this in a vintage (LOL) blog post. Every little thing, should be a little thing. Centerpieces? Theme them. Photo booth? Theme it. Snowflakes on the ceiling that you "can't" take down? Cut them down anyway. (Just (kinda) kidding on that one).

5. Use Pinterest sparingly - If you hang out around this blog often, you know my stance on Pinterest. No one wants to go to the same Pinterest party (or wedding, but that's a whole 'nother blog post) 7 times in one summer. Use Pinterest as a stepping off point in your idea. Be creative and elaborate and come up with your own ideas. Don't be a #PinterestPartyMoocher!