Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Treasure

Today I thought I would take the opportunity to showcase my wedding bouquet and The Mister's boutonniere. They were both handmade out of feathers and bling and were pret-ty spectacular.



This may not be every one's cup of tea as I know people associate weddings with flowers. We made sure we still had fresh flowers on our tables and we had a bloom bar for our wedding favors where everyone could take home a bundle of fresh blooms.

Can we just stop and stare for a second at how amazing a feather bouquet looks against a grey chiffon bridesmaids dress?!?! #maj



Speaking of weddings - I have finally found all of our wedding photos WITH the photographer's watermark on them. With that being said, y'all can FINALLY (after almost three years) expect a proper write up on my wedding day! #getexcited

All bouquets and boutonnieres were purchased off of Etsy. #duh