Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day (Weekend) Party!

Sorry I haven't been blogging, between getting the baby's room ready for his arrival and planning this party, I have had no time to sit down and blog.

So, first I will start with my summer party...Of course I don't have many (or really any) party pics because I was too busy talking and mingling to take pictures..which always seems to happen to me..But, I do have pictures of all my ideas because I managed to quickly take some pictures before everyone got there..

First..the tables! -

I covered all of them with white table clothes made by my mom. And put washable markers as the centerpieces so everyone could draw on them. I also put my wedding photo props as centerpieces as well to give them a second use. The markers went over really well especially with the kids that were there. And they were all (of course) washable!!

All of the activities, with the exception of the alcoholic beverages, were geared towards the kids. We don't have a pool, so I thought the next best thing was to make sure there were little activities that kept everyone busy!

Next, I put up make shift easels! --

I got two rolls of cheap craft paper from Wal-Mart, some washable paints and brushes and $1 ponchos from the Dollar Store...We used three eye hooks to hang them up with some fishing line and they worked perfectly against our garage!

Then of course, we had to have our bubble refill station...

We also had some sidewalk chalk that I didn't get a picture of...

And for the adults we had a regular bar and a "Spiked Lemonade Stand"

I was going to have The Mister build me an actual lemonade stand but then decided against it and went with a regular table and banner instead. The flavors were - Lemonade, Peach Mango, Strawberry Lemonade and Cherry Limeade..Being preggers, I could not drink but I made sure to make them extra strong for the people that could drink.. :)

It was an amazing (yet very humid) day and hopefully everyone had a great time!

Happy Summer!