Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pinterest Craft Crawl - Day 2 - Soda Bottle Art

So, this isn't the most exciting craft, but I thought it was really cool, easy and I needed something to fill out a shelf on one of my book cases...

Things I wish I remembered before I started this - I suck at painting.

These are your supplies -

Black (or white) card stock, a paper towel or some other paint receptacle, a soda bottle, a paint brush, shadow boxes and paint.

Next, paint a tree like structure on your black card stock in whatever color your heart desires..

After that, coat the bottom of the soda bottle in paint and stamp the bottom on and around the tree branches -

And voila! Art. Like I said, not the most complicated, but fun to do with kids and good when you need shelf filler!

Enjoy! Tomorrow is nail art!