Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest Craft Crawl - Day 5 - Bridal Party Pins

So, today I am showing you all a craft that I actually made up and technically did not find on Pinterest. However I will later today be pinning this so technically this will be on there soon.

These are the final product...

I had one for each member of the bridal party and one for The Mister and I. I had them wear them at our engagement party and I would have had them wear them at other wedding related events had I not lost them in the midst of the wedding planning. These are just so everyone at the party knows who is in the wedding.

The supplies you will need are --

Flat back pins
Black and White felt
Tulle in white (for the bride) and tulle in your wedding colors 
Hot glue gun
A small sewing kit
Glitter glue
Rhinestones (optional)

The first thing I did was print out a template of a dress on card stock. Then I drew out the template for the tux on card stock as well so everything was uniform.

Next, use the stencils to cut out all the pieces of the felt that you need. Also, use the dress template to cut out the dress shape in the tulle.

Glue the tuxes together, put three buttons down the white part of it and glitter glue a bow tie.

Next, place the tulle for the dress over the felt for the dress and make a few small stitches in the waist section.

To hide the stitch line glitter glue a "belt" on there and stick on a rhinestone to spruce it up.

After everything is dry (and this is very important cause nothing is worse than messed up glitter glue) hot glue on the flat back pins and VIOLA! Bridal Party Pins!

I tried my best with spelling out the steps as much as possible. Because I don't have many step by step pictures I am assuming these could be a bit confusing. If there are any questions please leave them in the comments section!