Friday, April 25, 2014

Summer Centerpieces

 I whipped these little pretties up today..

They will be gracing an adorable tablescape that I will be doing this weekend. More on that in the days to come. For now, here's my best shot at a picture tutorial..Enjoy!

Supplies -

*Floral grass not pictured | All supplies were purchased at the $1 store except for the butterflies.

1. Hot glue three wooden skewers together.

2. Place foam blocks inside tin pots.

3. Tightly wrap ribbon around the glued together wooden skewer. Adding a bead of glue every few inches to secure.

4. Hot glue your floral accent to the top of your wooden skewer.

5. Assemble by sticking your wooden skewers into the foam blocks. Add floral grass to hide foam. Hot glue butterflies where you see fit and...ENJOY!