Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Since I ran my first timed 5K I have been dealing with an injury. Achilles Tendinitis to be exact. I didn't get it diagnosed right away as with any pain I have, I just figure it will go away. It didn't and now I am stuck on a limited work out schedule and on a daily stretching routine. I have never been injured before. Pretty much because I have never been as active as I have been in the past year(ish) so it's really frustrating. Especially because summer is on it's way and all I want to do is run and spin and jump. I am very impatient so I am hoping for a speedy recovery so I can get back to my 6 hours a week of workouts. UGH!

The Southern Charm season finale was the other night and it was obviously the greatest thing I have ever seen. I can not believe that T.Rav and Kathryn had a baby! Andy Cohen said the other day that they are doing a reunion show so that usually means there will be a second season! Yay for that! After watching the whole season I am pretty convinced I want to live in Charleston, SC. As a trust fund kid, obv.

I have been participating in an April photo contest on Instagram for a local salon/boutique Luniac Glamour. It has been so much fun thinking of different pictures to post every day. Here are some highlights -

Day 4 - A word that best describes you -

Day 8 - Man Crush


Day 14 - Something someone made for you -

All of the bouquets and boutineers for our wedding were handmade out of feathers (Etsy). AND I had the Minnie Mouse bouquet charm handmade as well (Etsy). It gave the perfect little touch because our fur baby couldn't be with us on the actual wedding day. 

To end this musings post...I found this on Instagram the other day and literally laughed for 5 mins's the little things..