Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Confession

Okay guys and gals, I have a confession to make...

I am a hotel/amenities snob. It's not entirely my fault...You see, The Mister travels rather extensively for work and always has since we met. In turn, he accumulates all these hotel points that allow us free stays in many hotels. It's one of the only good things about him traveling so much. With all of that being said, it has made my traveling demands rather high maintenance. (And, if he is being honest with himself, The Mister's travel demands are high maintenance as well. Hear that Mr. "I get kind of mad if I don't get upgraded to first class with my Delta Gold Status?")

My Grandma just purchased a camper down south for her own use and for family to use as well. The price to stay on the campsite is definitely on the cheaper side of things. And while this is a nice area and campground...I am not quite sure if I am ready to rough it. And by rough it I mean stay somewhere without room service, a fitness center and/or an indoor pool. I know..this is soo obnoxious. I am blaming The Mister though, he has turned me into a hotel snob! Although I will say that whenever my mom would book hotels for family getaways when I was younger I always had two requests - 1. It had to have "indoor hallways" aka - no motels. And 2. There had to be a baseball team staying there. (HAH! teenage girls are so funny.)

So there is my confession...I know this is filled with #firstworldproblems and people are going to roll their eyes at this. But put it like know how some people don't think Disney World is a "vacation?" Well, I don't think staying in a camper for a week without room service is a vacation...So judge me...I can't help it, it's just how I feel!

Redeeming quality - I would definitely consider a few days in the camper...not the whole week though!

What's your Thursday confession?