Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Southern Charm - I have said it a million times...this show is amazing! I hope it gets renewed for a second season. T.Rav is my favorite because he is so clueless and Cameran is another favorite because she tells it like it is. Also I am pretty sure Kathryn (red head) is one of those gingey's with no soul. (Disclaimer - I do not think all gingeys have no soul...but Kathryn? Yes.) And how freaking adorbs is Shep? That fake teeth smile is just so good...T.Rav, Shep and Cameran were on WWHL last night and T.Rav announced that he will be running for state senator of South Carolina. So stay tuned for that! Not sure if having his one night stand take a pregnancy test on camera will help or hurt his campaign...

I posted about this on Instagram and Facebook (&Twitter) today...Charlotte Olympia's Spring 2014 collection is SO AMAZING. Here are some pics that I didn't post on those various social media sites...

Talk about swoon worthy...The collection is totally worth the Google!!

I was watching Eric and Jessie Game On on E! today. Eric is Eric Decker from the Denver Broncos and his wife, Jessie James, is a country singer. They are an adorable couple and I love their show! In the episode I was watching, Jessie was having her baby shower. She was wearing a super short dress and needed to put a cloth napkin over her lap while she was opening her presents so as to not flash anyone. Funnily enough, I had to do the same thing at my baby shower! The cloth is "technically" called a "prayer cloth" which is basically a cloth you carry to church in case you are wearing a short dress and have to sit down. You don't want to flash anyone at church! PS - I learned this all by watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta..who said you don't learn anything from watching TV!?

My shower was Dr. Seuss themed (duh) and I made sure to wear the highest heels and the shortest dress possible. One last hurrah, if you will.