Monday, April 28, 2014

Musings {Reality TV Edition}

Real Housewives of Atlanta - For those of you that watch the Atlanta Housewives, you all know that the second episode of the reunion (there are three) just aired last night. It was a doozy. Just like the whole season has been. As far as the whole Kenya and Porsha situation goes..I have to say that I am on Porsha's "side." While I DO NOT condone any sort of violence, I do think P was provoked and that Andy should have taken Kenya's props away. He mentioned the fact that he should have taken the props away on WWHL last night and I couldn't agree more. I think the whole situation could have been avoided had Kenya NOT put the scepter in Porsha's was definitely hard to watch. As far as the whole Kandi/Mama Joyce situation goes...I am obviously on Kandi's side. Mama Joyce is cringe worthy at times and seems like she could use some "time off." Mama can't seem to keep her story straight and I feel so bad for Kandi and Todd..Luckily their wedding already happened (two weeks after the reunion was filmed) and hopefully they can live happily ever after without Mama Joyce in their ears. I am interested to watch next weeks third and final Atlanta reunion installment as this is the episode where Apollo talks about the charges against him. I am very curious to see what he says! And to keep things simple in the Nene/Cynthia debate...I am on Cynthia's side..I do love me some Lennethia Leaks...but, I just think Nene needs to take a step back and take some responsibility for her actions.

Funny or Die's - Billy on the Street (technically a game show, not a reality show) - I am obsessed with this show. I first heard of Billy Eichner when he was a guest on WWHL. He is hysterical and shocking and the perfect person to run around and scream in unsuspecting (and jaded) New Yorkers faces. Amy Poehler was on the last episode. During the episode, Billy and Amy played my new favorite game...It's not's Amy Poehler! You can watch here.

The Real Housewives of Orange County - The OG's of the Housewife franchise started their new season recently and I can already tell it's going to be a good one! I am really happy that Gretchen and Alexis are not on the cast anymore..I liked G at first but lost interest when she made her last ditch attempt for a story line (aka proposing to Slade and not inviting the other ladies to come to the party). Although Tamera and Vicki are giving Heather a hard time, I do not think she is THAT condescending. I've just always thought Heather WAS better than everyone on the the fact that she sometimes talks down to Tamera and Vicki doesn't really bother me. I mean...could you imagine spending that much time with them? I would talk down to them too. Don't get me wrong..I love me some Tamera..just in small doses...speaking of T...tell me you all remember the time that Tamera and Andy made out (in front of Eddy) on the WWHL New Years special?! Fun Fact - WWHL has never had another New Years Eve show after that lip lock!