Monday, April 21, 2014

Top Ten Questions {Andy Cohen}

I was watching Watch What Happens Live the other night and Lindsay Lohan was a guest. It got me thinking how many people have come in and out of the Bravo Clubhouse and it also made me think of all of the questions I have for Andy Cohen, WWHL's adorable host. To spare you the wall of words, I am narrowing it down to ten.

1. What is Lindsay Lohan like?
2. Which Housewife can you absolutely not stand?
3. What is it like to be pushed by Theresa Giudice?
4. Can I come hang out with you in the Hamptons?
5. Can I hang out with you and Anderson Cooper...(and SJP)..(and Kelly Ripa)...please?
6. Can I be a bartender in the clubhouse one night?
7. Is Billy Eichner really that cray in real life?
8. Do you ever see Jill Zarin out at social events? Is it awk?
9. Do you think Nene Leakes throws shade at you every time she sees you? (My answer - YES!)
10. When is the last time you've texted Mama Elsa?