Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Steps to the Perfect Disney World Group Trip

WDW is an amazing place for a family vacation. There are so many options for groups and it's always a little bit more magical when your whole family/all of your friends are there to experience the Happiest Place on Earth.

But, as with any trip to Disney, there is a science to planning a group trip....

1. Stay in a big house together - One of my very first Disney posts I wrote was about the company All Star Vacation Homes. Basically you can rent a mansion for the week (no lie, some of the homes sleep up to 24 people) for the same price (per family) it would be to get a hotel room on Disney property. I suggest you check out that blog post for more info!

2. Split up! - Okay, so this may sound counterproductive, but hear me out -- WDW tickets are expensive to say the least...the last thing you want is to have to skip something just because someone in your group doesn't want to do that specific thing. That's where splitting up comes in...the parks are way too big to stay in a group any larger than 5. So, if you are with a lot of your friends/family, plan on being in the same park on the same day but only meeting for certain rides or for meal times. That way, everyone can branch off, do their own thing and meet back for "social times." Moral of this story and the key to group WDW trips - do your own thing, meet for meals/fireworks/scheduled activities and hang out back at your house.

3. Pick one or two people to be in charge of ADR's - Advanced Dining Reservations are have to make sure you are making your ADR's exactly 180 days in advance and you also have to make sure everyone is accounted for within the reservation. So, after discussing with your group where you want to eat, assign one person the task of making the reservations. Related side note - Be sure this person also makes an itinerary once all the reservations are made.

4. Pick one day that everyone does their own thing - So as to not get sick of each other, make sure there's a plan in place that one day there is no reservations/plans made and people can just hang out with their own families.

5. HAVE FUN! - I know this one is silly but it's an important one. WDW is overwhelming for everyone especially if you are traveling in a group. Just be sure to have fun, take it slow and enjoy yourself. And don't be afraid to speak up if you want something/want to do something that wasn't discussed in the group. Disney is expensive and everyone deserves to get what they want when visiting.

What are some tips y'all have for going to WDW in a group?