Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

I have finally finished decorating the house for Halloween this year. It usually takes me all of September (and a bit of October) to get in all of my finishing touches. So, without further ado, here's all the 2014 haunts -

First I will start with the entertainment center that is always themed out with the corresponding holiday -

The entertainment center is the thing that took me the longest to finish decorating. My initial vision was 4 pumpkins flanking the snow globe but specifically "Cinderella pumpkins" (duh). Alas, the farm that The Mister, Cy and I frequent every year that carries the Cinderella pumpkins didn't have ANY gourdes at all this year! So I had to revamp my vision...I ended up getting a deal (4 for $16) on pumpkins at Shaws and just ended up spray painting them white for the effect I wanted. The snow globe was purchased at Home Goods a few years back and is one of my prized Halloween possessions.

Next, we have the bahh - 

All of these decorations have been collected over the years at places like the Dollar Store, Christmas Tree Shops, Michaels & AC Moore. I also love to include "live" things in my displays so the 10 for $10 mini white pumpkins at Stop and Shop came in handy for all of my vignettes. 

Which brings me to my floor to ceiling shelves...

Again, all of this stuff have been collected over the years. The black cat print was purchased at an art shop in Salem, MA (#SoHalloween) and the other prints were found on Pinterest. 

Even the fauxs got into the Halloween spirit!

The Mister's and my first Halloween together gets a little tribute every year....


Can't forget the kitchen! - 

Every time I change the flowers in the Crystal Head Vodka skull, I change the sign as well. I have tons of signs that I've collected over the years (Holla for the dolla store!) that match any color scheme imaginable!


I will be lighting up the house later tonight/tomorrow and I will be sure to get pictures in all of it's Halloween glory!

Happy October Y'all!!