Sunday, October 12, 2014

Epcot Food & Wine {Small Foods} Sunday Dinner

Today kicked off The Mister's and my Epcot Food & Wine Festival throwback. The theme of the day was "small foods."

We had -

Corn dog nuggets  - CDNs are not specifically sold at the festival...HOWEVER, every time we go to Orlando it's a tradition of ours to hit up the local A&W (something we don't have here) for corn dog nuggets with cheese. A personal favorite of mine. You can find the recipe here and we used a Velveeta block of cheese.

Grass fed sliders with Monterey Jack cheese and sweet & hot pickles - from the Florida Local booth at the Food & Wine festival.

Grilled sirloin with chimmichurri sauce and bonita (sweet potato) puree which is from the Argentina booth at the Food & Wine Festival.

You can find the whole recipe here.

Here's a picture of the whole setup including the fall beer flight we included in the menu - 

Beers | 1. Woodstock Inn Brewry - Autumn Ale Brew |  2. Uinta Brewing Co. - Harvest Punk'n Ale | 3. Peak Organic Brewing Co, - Hope Harvest Oktober Fest | 4. Two Road Brewing Co. - RoadsMarys Baby

We also enjoyed some wine spritzers made with Barefoot Crisp White Wine and topped with some cranberry juice.