Monday, October 13, 2014


The Mister and I had a day date the other day that consisted of heading to WPI for their homecoming football game. Even though it was raining and cold, I still got the chance to dress chic and warm!


Sweater | H&M | White button up | WalMart* | Necklace | Charlotte Russe | Skinnies | Forever 21 | Oxfords | Charlotte Russe

What is it about an umbrella and a trench coat that makes everything look ten times chic-er?!

Close up (aka a shameless selfie) of my sunnies (Forever 21) and necklace!

** Pro tip - I am constantly buying my basic clothing essentials at WalMart simply because of the low cost of things. If I need things like a any sort of solid colored button up and/or any sort of solid color tank top I always turn to WalMart especially because those types of things are usually covered by some other article of clothing. Moral of this story - Don't pay a lot of money for basics!!