Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throw Back Thursday {Costumes Of Halloween's Past}

My thoughts about Halloween have always matched up with the Mean Girls explanation -

Not that one....

This one!

So for those of you offended by a little provocative-ness...please head to another blog today because I'm about to give you a rundown of all of my past Halloween costumes (pre children).

I included this picture in my Halloween blog the other day. This was The Mister's and my first Halloween together. At the time, I worked at a Halloween store (duh) and got those costumes at an amazing discount. His Hef robe is part of the first line of Halloween costumes Playboy put came with the pipe and everything! 

Next came my Amy Winehouse (pre death) costume...This was a fun one because it was the year I celebrated my 21st birthday and it was pre braces so I had the gap in my teeth to pull off the Amy Winehouse look - 

'Scuse the language!

I picked this costume pretty much a whole year before that Halloween and made sure to grow out my hair long enough to create the beehive with all of my own hair. #MissionAccomplished!

And then there was my devil costume...probably the skimpiest one I have ever worn. No regrets though. Had I known before I had a baby, the work it would take to get back to my pre baby body, I would have basically walked around naked. #SorryNotSorry

The Mister repeated the Hef costume as it matched what I was wearing. I think we make a pretty hawt Halloween couple! :)

And since we are throwing it back Halloween style today, I figured I would include some Halloween #tbt pictures of my fur baby and one human baby - 

Minnie Mouse (the cat) dressed as a pumpkin. #IdentityCrisis

And Cy's very first Halloween! #LittlePumpkin