Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Bubble {Celebration, FL}

If you've been hanging around this blog for a little while you are well aware of my obsession for Celebration, FL - A planned community a stone's throw away from the Happiest Place on Earth. Because of my obsession I am always looking for any information I can find about my dream place to live. Recently I found a documentary filmed in 2011 all about Celebration titled The Bubble - A Documentary Film About Celebration Florida. 

While the documentary got very few stars on Amazon and was essentially made to air some dirty laundry, I thought it was a great little film. Many of the residents were interviewed and it was interesting to hear their POVs. One of the things I always want to do when we (creepily) drive through the town every time we are in Orlando is talk to some Celebration residents. So this documentary allowed that without me having to ring doorbells.

I also find Celebration interesting in that everyone moved there for a very specific reason and that was to be a pioneer in this town that Disney built. With that, the stories that these people share are very interesting to hear - everyone has a different story but they also had the same goal in mind.

I would totally recommend this mini film (it's only an hour) for anyone looking to find out more information about the "town that Disney built." You can find it on Amazon Instant Video to rent for $2!

Sidebar - I finally got The Mister to watch this after a few months of made me feel like we were one step closer to moving to my dream place...unfortunately after we were done watching, he said it made him want to move there less than he already did. For me, the documentary made me want to move there more (duh)! These people (with the exception of a few ornery highschoolers) are so happy with where they live and their lifestyles that I can only hope that one day I can move to Celebration and get a job as a Disney princess/blogger/spin instructor/hawt housewife.... :)