Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Confessions Of A Stay At Home Mom {Mom Friends}

While I was still pregnant, one of The Mister's co workers said to him "once you have a baby, you meet so many people that you would never be friends with unless you had a child." Of course that, among all the other info and tips, got lost in the crowd of information that was thrown at us.

Well, fast forward to now and Cy is of the age that we are going to social groups and playgrounds, and this is something that totally rings true. Having a child completely opens up your social circle in ways that you never thought possible. Just yesterday, I met a mom and her two sons at the playground. We bonded over things like us both being bloggers and both having sons with unique names. After we left, I realized I never got the mom's name...but I do know her two son's names! #MommyProblems

I am sure once Cy starts sports, this circle will be opened even wider. Although my biggest fear is becoming one of "those" sports parents so hopefully I can avoid becoming one and avoid being friends with one. I'm going to be the mom at the little league game in wedges and short shorts sitting in a pink camping chair. I'll be one of "those" #MilfySportsMoms.