Friday, September 19, 2014

Fitness Friday {TRX}

I haven't been able to make it to the TRX class at my gym lately. Life has gotten in the way but I am hoping I will be able to make it back soon as it is one of my favorite classes to take/fitness things to do.

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Since I haven't been able to make it to class, I thought I would blog about it for Fitness Friday! For those that don't know - TRX is a suspension training system that uses ropes and allows the user to work against their own body weight.

For me, the TRX really transformed my upper body and abs. I love the idea that it uses your own body weight because it my mind that made it less intimidating to try out at first. I also love that the possibilities are endless as to what you can do....You can literally use this suspension system for every muscle in your body! If you are creating an at home gym, I would highly recommend getting the TRX as you pay for it once and get tons and tons of uses out of it. Not to mention it's a space saver because you can mount it to the wall or ceiling. (Disclaimer - Make sure safety is always your first priority while using the TRX)

Some of my favorite exercises are upper body simply because I can feel my guns getting bigger with every repetition (#notvain). But, some of the cardio-centric moves are also fun and make great YouTube/Instagram videos!

Happy Fitness Friday Y'all!