Sunday, November 9, 2014

Musings/Life Update

Hi everyone! You'll have to excuse the slight blogging hiatus. My birthday was Nov. 1 and my Spin instructor certification was the day after. Since then I have been regrouping/refocusing to ensure an amazing start to my new Spin venture. I have been writing playlists and practicing speaking in front of a room with everyone staring at you (a big fear of mine). I am looking forward to teaching my first class and hoping everyone will enjoy my take on Spin!

Tank can be found on Etsy and (in a size medium) on my Christmas list.

Now that I am back to blogging, I had to share some of the happenings around the C house these days...

Decorations go up....decorations come down... - 

The time after Halloween and before Thanksgiving has always been a weird time for me (decoratively speaking). I don't decorate for Thanksgiving as I include it within the Christmas season, but I also don't want to put out our Christmas decorations too early (a moment of clarity perhaps?) But that doesn't stop me from still buying a few things here and there to prepare for the season....

This cute sign is a #DollarStoreFind...I should be heading back to the dollar store this week to stock up early because all the good stuff goes quick!

My MIL got me a Disney gift card for my bday and that was put to good use getting some Disney holiday wares. These mini platters are going to look perfect wherever they end up living for the season!

The shoes that my menswear dreams are made of... - 

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day I came across these amazing loafers that will hopefully make their way into my wardrobe before the end of the year...

Ugh, I love them so much and have already conjured up a million outfits to pair with them....I'm dreaming of a loafer filled Christmas....

Thank you! - 

I just want end this blog post with a big thank you to all of the Decidedly Delightful readers! As 2014 is coming to an end, I think I have reached my goal of blogging more and becoming more of a presence in the social media/blog-o-sphere world and I have all of YOU to thank for it. I am so appreciative to everyone that has come to me (in real life and on social media) to tell me how much they like this little blog of mine. I put a lot of work into it and I am so glad people are enjoying it as much as I enjoy writing it. I love you all and I can't wait to finish out this year and see what 2015 holds!