Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dr. Suess Nursery

After taking a blog hiatus I came back ready to work. But, then I realized I never posted an official compilation of my son's (Cy's) room! He's going to be six months in a few days and I can't believe how fast it has flown by. I remember being pregnant and designing this nursery for him. 

Everyone thought I was crazy-insane when I said I was doing a Dr. Seuss themed nursery and the colors were going to be black, white and red (with black and white wonky stripes on the walls to boot). But, it ended up being one of my best design projects to date. Everyone loves it and babies ESPECIALLY love it!

I feel like his room is the "wink" to our apartment.

First, we have two hanging book shelves that I got on Amazon. I wanted the books to be the pops of color in the room. The print in the middle says "The Rules to Always Being a Gentleman." I got it on Etsy

I love myself some shelves and I was so happy when I found this red book shelf. I feel like it really adds to the Dr. Seuss quirk. I also got it from a seller on Etsy.

Sidebar - Everything in my house/my wedding/my life is from Etsy.


And then there is the crib area..

It has a temporary wall decal Dr. Seuss quote on it -

"Today you are you, that is truer then true, 
there is no one alive, who is youer than you."

The sheet set (and crib) I found at Target. I feel like I really lucked out on the bedding purchase. It was very hard to find a set that was not pastel colors or a theme. 


Right next to the crib I have a "Baby Info Plaque". I made it for under $10!

Storage is always a big part of my designs. The black squares on the right are from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I got them around the time they have all of their dorm merch at the end of the summer. The dresser we found in our house. And redid it. It was green and we painted it a really nice grey color. The drawer pulls I got guessed it - Etsy.

The ABC sign is actually what inspired this whole color scheme. And, all of the Dr. Seuss prints I made for under $30. I printed out coloring pages and framed them in frames from Christmas Tree Shops. I love them so, so much!

On a side note...The Mister went to India for business recently and brought The Cy Guy back some traditional Indian garb! It is très chic.

It's a little big, but he will rock it one day!